Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tide Wash Bag

Lingerie bags - basic, boring, and a bit of a pain in the neck. The mesh holes are too big and hooks get caught in them. The zipper can snag on other items in the wash. But, wait, you don't have to resort to handwashing all of your delicates . . . here's some good news: Tide Wash Bags. The bag is made of a very fine mesh, the zipper is tucked up under a flap, and they have a pleat at the bottom to expand a little bit. You can find these at Walgreens and Target for about $4. I have no idea why someone didn't think of these improvements earlier, but I'm just glad they have now.

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fluffy said...

i can't wait to find these...just this week i had to untangle 2 bags that were stuck together with my unmentionables!