Saturday, January 16, 2010

Flosser Mystery Solved!

Confession: I was a reluctant flosser. I hated the way the floss would cut off the circulation in my fingers and I couldn't fit my hands in my mouth far enough to do a good job. So, more often than I care to admit, it didn't happen. But, one of my goals in 2009 was to become a dedicated flosser ~ and these little gizmos made it possible. Unfortunately, as my supply ran out, I picked up another brand thinking all flossers were the same. Well, they are not! I went through several different brands, using just a few before throwing out the rest of the bag. One brand was so bad that the floss got stuck between my teeth so tight that I had to cut it out with a scissors. But I didn't want to switch to the expensive Glide brand flossers - I mean really, it's a disposable flosser, I want to get by as cheap as possible. Finally, after months of frustration, I was back in CVS and walking down the dental care aisle when something caught my eye. There it was, a familiar bag - my favorite flosser! Mystery Solved! When I worked for CVS I used to do a lot more of my shopping there, but now, not as much. So that explains why I hadn't been able to find them. Now, I am a happy, committed flosser once again.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Clear Glass Cylinders - a grown-up toy!

I have a small collection of clear glass cylinders of various sizes. My mom got me started several years ago with a set of three for Christmas. Then I picked up a short squatty one at TJMaxx last year, and added a couple of others that contained candles at one time that I recycled and cleaned out once the candle was burned up. I used these at Christmas for a easy, fun and festive centerpiece. Other times, I have filled them with cranberries with a floating candle on top. Use your imagination! To brighten things up in the spring, fill them with citrus - either whole fruit or slices. Maybe acorns in the fall? They are nice to have available for a quick, interesting centerpiece.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Upgrade your Tomato Soup

I first saw this a few years ago at Trader Joe's and it was love at first bite! Actually, at Trader Joe's it is packaged under their own private label, but I discovered this same soup available at Super Target and now at my own local Marsh grocery under the Pacific brand. It's the same creamy tomato goodness you are used to, but with the addition of a hint of roasted red pepper. The red pepper flavor is not overpowering, but accents the tomato perfectly. Serve this with a Havarti and Tomato Panini and you have the adult version of the childhood favorite - Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup.