Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lunch Special

I tagged along with my friend Barb last week for a quick stop at Costco.  I took a chance on a big bag of these and I'm so happy I did.  They are Labriola Pretzel Slider Rolls, and they are GOOD!  Makes a great sandwich with some shaved ham and a thin slice of smoked Gouda, but they are delicious enough to eat on their own as well.  Soft and chewy, just like a big soft pretzel.  They come 16 to a bag, and were $6.49.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Drink Up!

I received one of these awesome water bottles for a Mother's Day gift.  What's so special about it you ask that it would rate being a Pearl?  For starters, the unique design sets it apart in a row full of Camelbacks and USTA prize bottles.

It features a smooth wide mouth for quick drinks and easy filling.  There is also a secret panel in the lid where you can insert your own inspirational message.

And last, but not least, there is a picture of me and my sweetheart on the front!  My amazing kids ordered this from Cafe Press.  I looked it up and it is manufactured by Kors.  Personalized or not, you will love it, but why not personalize it for that extra special touch!

Monday, June 18, 2012

While We Are on the Subject...

...of cute, comfy work-out clothes that can pull double-duty as cute, comfy casual clothes, you may want to check out the "Z T 3" shirt, also by Zella, also from Nordstroms.  The fabric is a light weight blend of polyester, cotton and spandex and comes in an assortment of delicious colors.  Today I'm wearing the black (so basic, I know) with a pair of white shorts and silver sandals, but I would love to get another one in Vivid Blue or Cayenne.  I'm sure these are great for yoga, but mine will probably never see the inside of a yoga studio.  But they are getting plenty of wear just everyday.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quick Quiz

Here's a quick, one-question quiz for you:

For which of the following sports, would the Zella V-Neck Hoodie be appropriate?

a. Yoga
b. Walking
c. Tennis
d. Weights and Cardio Circuit
e. All of the above

Answer:  E - all of the above!  Well, I can't personally vouch for yoga, I am loving this studio-style top for all the other activities.  The hooded top is made of an exceptionally soft moisture-wicking knit.  An adjustable drawstring cinches up the sides of the wide-banded hem.  Soft rushing around the v-neck and sleek longer length make this a very flattering, very comfortable top.  Available from Nordstroms for $48. Choose from slate, aqua or iris, or my pick ~ pink plumier.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

UFO? NO, just Meurice.

I'm thinking I should warn my friend/neighbor Bonnie about our new light fixture....  Bonnie's backyard is kitty-corner from mine, and in the summer, we don't even know the other is there.  But as the leaves fall off, the view breaks open just enough to see when they turn on their Christmas tree lights.  So maybe I should warn her about our new kitchen light fixture before this fall and she freaks out thinking some sort of strange UFO has landed in our kitchen.  Ha, just kidding - it's not that scary but it is a little different.  It's the Meurice from Jonathan Adler by Robert Abbey.  After being backordered for 5 months (!), it finally arrived and we had it installed last week.  The bamboo style fixture is finished in a deep bronze patina and holds thirty small candelabra bulbs.  It creates a dramatic focal point as you walk into the kitchen.  The small picture above is from the website, the larger picture shows it in-situ.  What do you think?