Monday, May 11, 2009

Double Duty Face Cloths
I started out using Pond's Clean Sweep towelettes just when I traveled or I got home late and was too tired for the full face routine. But, now I use these all the time. They are pre-moistened with a gently bumpy side and a smooth side. The bumps give mild exfolliation, and the smooth side is great for taking off every last little bit of eye makeup. You only need this with a little moisturizer and you are all set for the night. No messy mirrors, no soap in your eyes, no extra steps, no cotton ball fuzz or whatever. And when you're done with your face, use the cloth to take a quick swipe around the sink to keep it fresh and clean, too.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Rice is Nice - - - when you have a cute little red steamer!
Confession - I can't cook rice. It sticks, it splatters, it doesn't get done, it gets too done and dried out. I would try to avoid making it as much as possible. But I like rice, especially brown, which tested my rice-making skills even more. So, for the last year or so, I have been contemplating the purchase of a rice cooker. I really didn't want another kitchen appliance, wasn't completely convinced I needed another kitchen appliance, and my cupboards are already full of kitchen appliances, but finally I had enough of gummy sauce pans of rice goop. I bought the smallest, cheapest (and even kind of cute) rice steamer I could find at Target. It has changed my life (well, that might be a little over the top) but I do love it. It was so worth reshuffling the kitchen cabinets to make room for this little guy. It is easy to use, easy to measure, easy to clean. I think we have used it at least once a week in the last couple of months. The rice is perfect every time. No more excuses - and rice is nice again.