Thursday, April 2, 2009


It was too difficult to pick just one favorite thing from Great Harvest, so I picked the entire store. I don't think we've ever had a Great Harvest bread that we didn't like. You will find the "Dakota" or "9-Grain" in our kitchen most often. Both of them make perfect toast. Some others to try are the "Popeye", "Honey Wheat", or Brent's new favorite, "Vanilla Almond Swirl". Mmmm! But don't stop there . . . the scones, fruit bars and cookies are yummy, too. And it gets even better . . . through the summer and fall Great Harvest can be found at both the farmers' markets in our area. How handy is that!? Another plus - the bread is preservative-free and made with a special kind of wheat that's supposed to be good for you (see their website for more info). Yummy & healthy - you can't beat that!

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Anonymous said...

Your description is so good, I can smell the bread baking!