Tuesday, April 14, 2009


What's so special about socks?

After running several halfs and one full marathon, I can honestly say these are the best socks ever. No Slippage - No Blisters - Cool Feet. Even now that I've transitioned to more walking than running and semi-weekly tennis lessons, I still wear only these socks for exercise. They never slip down, I never get blisters, and my feet stay cool and dry. I don't think you can get them at Dick's, but check out your local running store - they probably sell them. I don't know what makes them so special, but I just know that I love them. Alot.


S & L Gutwein said...

I agree!! I've worn them alot and have a tried a few other pairs that have given me problems. I need to get a few more pairs.

Unknown said...

I am in need of golfing socks....maybe I will give these a try.