Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Convenience in a Cube

Have you tried this yet?  Small frozen cubes of ready to use herbs and seasonings!  What a great way to keep ginger, garlic and fresh herbs on hand to use in your favorite recipes.  While I usually have garlic cloves on hand, this saves time and mess by having it already crushed. Ginger, however,  can be a problem as I don't always use it all up before it goes bad and then have to pitch it, and fresh herbs are, of course, expensive in the winter.  Solve the problem by keeping a package of these in your freezer and pop out a square when you need it.  For the garlic, 1 cube is equal to 1 clove, for the ginger and herbs, 1 cube is equal to 1 teaspoon.  I've used both brands, Dorat and Pop & Cook, both bought locally at either WalMart, Target or Kroger (sorry I can't remember which brand came from which store).  You can find them in the freezer section, but you have to search a little, usually near the frozen vegetables.

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Anonymous said...

I use the ginger and LOVE it!