Saturday, November 24, 2012

Traveling Light - The Details

This post is dedicated to all the Details of Packing - not the bags, not the clothes, not the shoes - but all those other things you need when you are traveling.  You will see that I am a big fan of mesh zipper bags.  They are light weight, secure, and keep your tote or luggage organized and make it easy to find what you need.  

First - in one of the two pockets under the flap on the messenger bag - this one contains my Ray-Ban sunglasses and a tube of Burts Bees Sun-Protecting Lip Balm with SPF 8.  The second picture is the contents of the second pocket - for this trip, a small Spanish-English dictionary, a pen, and a small notebook, used as a trip journal, record of purchases, and a notes of interest.   It would also show my phone except that I needed it to take the picture!

Inside the messenger bag, a few tissues, a mini mesh bag (contents below), a small Body Glide, a Clinique Chubby Stick, a compass (yeah, I have one on my phone, but what happens when you don't have in the mountains). a packet of Wet Ones, a fold up tote bag, a baggie with an extra pair of panties (if you have ever spent the night in an airport, you will understand the importance of this), my Canon Rebel, my passport case with passport, drivers license, currency and credit cards, and a nail file.

The mini mesh bags contains a nail clippers, extra camera battery and extra memory card.  I also use it to hold any foreign coins during the trip.


This blue mesh bag is in my messenger bag on the plane, and goes into the seat pocket in front of me during the flight, but during the rest of the trip, the contents are in my suitcase with my other toiletries.  These are my flight essentials - a small bottle of Excedrin PM, my prescription, eyeglasses, toothbrush and toothpaste, a Shout Wipe packet, a packet of ear plugs and an eye mask, and my contact case.

In my tote, I keep my toiletries in a black plastic lined mesh bag - easy to see but can contain any possible spills.  The liquids are all in the required 3 oz or less bottle in a 1 quart Ziploc bag.  

Another mesh bag in my tote contains my phone/iPad charger on an AppleCore cord wrap, plug adapters depending on country, and my battery charger for my camera.


I have had this clear zipper pocket for years and use it all the time for travel.  In it you will find a detailed itinerary, copies of hotel confirmations, a high lighter and some Post-It flags.  As the trip progresses, the hotel confirmations are disposed of and receipts and paper souvenirs (book mark, coaster, maybe a postcard or two) are added.  

The final mesh bag (I told you I was a big fan!) goes in the suitcase.  It contains a small sewing kit, a baggie with a tube of travel detergent and a rubber clothesline, a spoon, small section of duct tape, bandaids, a couple more Shout Wipes, a Tide To Go pen, some moleskin and a carabineer.

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Anonymous said...

Great tips! Where do you find the mesh zipper bags that you so love?

Marti said...

I've gotten the bags at several places, often sold in a set of 3. One set is OR brand - maybe from a travel site or REI, I'm not certain as I've had them for years! Another set is a drug store cosmetic aisle cheap, and I think the plastic-lined bag is from the Container Store.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I will check those out!