Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Traveling Light - The Bags

Changing gears for a few posts - 
We recently returned from a ten-day vacation to Chile.  And, finally, after several extended international and domestic trips over the years, I feel like I have finally mastered the art of packing light.  Maybe my tips will help some of you, too!


Indy airport - not the best pic, as it looks like I was in mid-sentence, but this gives you the complete picture of everything.  More detailed descriptions are below.

Tumi Tegra-Lite Continental Carry-On.  I received this for my birthday just the week before we left.  Nothing like breaking it in right away!  And I have to say, it survived the initiation.  I did some shopping over the last couple of months, looking at various styles and brands.  My research led me to try a hard-side bag this time around as it is extremely light weight.  After looking at several brands,  I decided on the Tumi, not because it was a Tumi, but because it was light weight, well-made, and very sturdy.  The material used on the bag is the same material used in NFL equipment.  It's got to be tough!

Longchamp Black Messenger Bag - I bought this in Paris a couple of years ago and it has gone on every trip with me since.  Under the front flap are two pockets and a big zippered center section.  Along the back side is a full length pocket, perfect for keeping your boarding pass, itinerary, and city map. (You can see that better in the picture below)  I wear this cross body in the airport, and pull my suitcase with the tote on top - if the airline staff get picky on the bag limit, then the messenger bag slips into the tote for boarding.

 And the final piece - a Longchamp tote, the large Le Pliage.  I've had this for years, use it all the time, and if it gets a little dirty, just toss it in the washing machine.  It's so light weight and sturdy.  Beside it you see a Bobble Water Bottle.  Tried this for the first time on this trip.  I get tired of paying for bottled water with every meal, so in an effort to drink more during the day, I filled this up from the hotel sink every morning.

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