Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Soft and Soothing

We've all been there... at the make-up counter, the cosmetologist/sales person has a counter full of colorful new shades of lip gloss and eye shadow, she does your make-up for you in the newest colors and with the latest high-tech moisturizers and serums using a fist full of expensive make-up brushes.  When she's done she asks if there is anything you would like to purchase today - and of course you go for the latest pretty lipgloss and maybe the serum guaranteed to keep you looking young and fresh, but the brushes... really?  Why not save money and use your fingers?  Well,  I recently changed foundation formulations and I have to admit I was very impressed with the application by using a foundation brush.  Even coverage, smooth application, and a very soothing feel as you brush it on.  Almost like a mini facial!  So now I am the owner of a Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush, and I love it!

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