Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quick Quiz

Here's a quick, one-question quiz for you:

For which of the following sports, would the Zella V-Neck Hoodie be appropriate?

a. Yoga
b. Walking
c. Tennis
d. Weights and Cardio Circuit
e. All of the above

Answer:  E - all of the above!  Well, I can't personally vouch for yoga, I am loving this studio-style top for all the other activities.  The hooded top is made of an exceptionally soft moisture-wicking knit.  An adjustable drawstring cinches up the sides of the wide-banded hem.  Soft rushing around the v-neck and sleek longer length make this a very flattering, very comfortable top.  Available from Nordstroms for $48. Choose from slate, aqua or iris, or my pick ~ pink plumier.

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Anonymous said...

I love that top. So cute and flattering!