Tuesday, November 29, 2011

$5 Jersey Scarves - Yes, please! One in every color!

Why have I not seen these before?  I'm a regular Target shopper....  I always make a pass through the accessory department....  Anyway, I games across a few of these scarves earlier this week, mixed in with the other scarves in no particular order - Xhileration Oblong Scarves.   At only $5, I snatched up one of every color I could find - blue, maroon (Go UofChi Maroons), and red (Yeah Westside!).  When I came home and checked out the website, it showed a bunch of other colors, but all were listed as being "sold out online".  Bummer!  I am lusting after the light blue, purple, gray and magenta.  What better way to add a "pop of color" (I am getting soooo tired of that phrase, but it just works here) to an outfit?  And the light weight means they are not too hot in the warmer months of the year.  So if you are out and about and come across any of these in another color - give me a call - I may ask you to pick one up for me - I promise I'll pay you back!

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Heike G. said...

what a great stocking stuffer for your lovely daughter ;)