Friday, February 4, 2011

In honor of my favorite guy... one of his favorite things!

The Basic Binder Clip.  Not very pretty to look at, but a real work horse.  You will find these in almost every room in our house.  In the kitchen, they hold the chip and pretzels bags shut tight.  In the bathroom, I use one to hold a couple of drawer dividers together and from sliding all over the place.  I keep one or two in my purse to hold the assortment of store coupons.  In the office, it holds a stack of papers (duh!) or a cord along the edge of a desk to keep them neat and untangled.  You get the picture, and I'm sure you have your own unique uses for this simple but clever little thing.  Please share!

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Anonymous said...

I am humbled that you would honor me in this way! Thanks, and happy clipping.