Saturday, February 19, 2011

I may have outgrown Barbie dolls...

... but I still like to play dress-up.
As a mentioned in my last post, I love my new iPhone, but my iPhone seemed a little bit cold and a little bit exposed.  It wanted a cover that would protect the phone and also something pretty that would be easy to find in the depths of my bag.  I looked at a LOT of options, both on-line and in the stores.  Nothing was quite right - until I discovered these adorable cases. The Speck iPhone covers are sold through the website  (Note ~ Zazzle is also the website I used for the Calling Cards ~ see March 2009).  They have hundreds or rather thousands of cute designs to choose from.  You can tweak the design to get exactly what you want, and then personalize it with your name in your favorite font.  I had such a hard time picking just one, that I didn't - I picked three.  Fortunately, they were running a special last week!  Although I have long outgrown Barbie dolls, I still like to play dress-up ~ only now it is with my new iPhone.

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