Friday, May 1, 2009

Rice is Nice - - - when you have a cute little red steamer!
Confession - I can't cook rice. It sticks, it splatters, it doesn't get done, it gets too done and dried out. I would try to avoid making it as much as possible. But I like rice, especially brown, which tested my rice-making skills even more. So, for the last year or so, I have been contemplating the purchase of a rice cooker. I really didn't want another kitchen appliance, wasn't completely convinced I needed another kitchen appliance, and my cupboards are already full of kitchen appliances, but finally I had enough of gummy sauce pans of rice goop. I bought the smallest, cheapest (and even kind of cute) rice steamer I could find at Target. It has changed my life (well, that might be a little over the top) but I do love it. It was so worth reshuffling the kitchen cabinets to make room for this little guy. It is easy to use, easy to measure, easy to clean. I think we have used it at least once a week in the last couple of months. The rice is perfect every time. No more excuses - and rice is nice again.

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