Thursday, August 2, 2012

Aqua Love!

So a month or so ago I was shopping on-line at Nordstroms for a dress to wear to a friend's wedding when along the side, under "you may also like" popped up a picture of these shoes.  Like?  LOVE!!  I ordered the dress and the shoes, but ending up sending the dress back and falling in love with these shoes - the Tom's Calypso Canvas Wedge in Aqua blue.  Love the color and so comfortable, too!  I wear these a lot with a bright orange sleeveless dress and a touch of turquoise, and last week I went a bit patriotic in honor of the Olympics with a white skirt, dressy red T and the aqua Toms.  When I pulled them out on a family vacation, they got rave reviews from my stylish nieces, so I know I made a good choice with these fun shoes.


Jill said...

what about the rave reviews from your stylish sister too! :)
LOVE these!!

Anonymous said...

I love them! So cute and versatile.