Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Buzzing about Beehive RUSKS

Tucked in a Christmas gift of cheese from the Beehive Cheese Company came a little package of Utah Cherry-Rosemary Beehive RUSKS.  How nice, crackers to go with our cheese.  Oh, what an understatement!  It is a serious faux pas to call these RUSKS, "crackers", for they are so much more than that.  The hive-shaped RUSKS are loaded with nuts and seeds, a touch of rosemary, and bit of sea salt, and some dried cherries for a touch of sweetness.  The RUSKS paired perfectly with the Beehive Cheese Company cheeses that we received in the gift box.  I loved the RUSKS so much that I placed an order for some more, along with some cheeses, for myself and to give as a hostess gift.  A little bit different, and so very good.

PS.  I don't know why the company calls them RUSKS, in all caps, but they do, and so I did, too.

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