Monday, March 14, 2011

Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix

I've hesitated to post this favorite because I know you will all think I am such a nerd... but I can't wait any longer:  Mental Floss Magazine!  This bi-monthly magazine is full of easy-to-understand and not-too-long articles on all sorts of topics - art, literature, history, geography, science, pop culture, and technology.  It explains the interesting parts of these topics with a sense of humor and intelligence without getting bogged down in the gritty technical details.  My sweetheart picked up the first copy for me at a newsstand a few years ago, just because he knew I would like it, then started getting me the annual subscription soon after.  When it arrives in the mail, I have to hide it until I have read it all the way through or one of my kiddos is likely to snatch it and sneak it off to their room.  Yes, it's now a family favorite.  If you like to learn about a wide variety of subjects, I guarantee you will love Mental Floss!

*** Update - After I wrote and posted this entry this morning, I opened up the Wall Street Journal to find an article about Mental Floss being bought by a British company.  Apparently the new owner does not like the name "Mental Floss" as Brits don't floss (ewww!) so don't be surprised if there is a name change in the near future.

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ps i'm awaiting a few haven't been sharing! bring them to florida?