Monday, January 17, 2011

Best of GFS - part 2 of 3

Old way to make Spaetzle - boiling hot water, messy dough covered grater thing to clean up....

New way to make Spaetzle.... Marzetti's Frozen Spaetzle Dumplings from GFS Marketplace!  
I am so excited to find this item.  My family's favorite recipe is Chicken Paprikash - served over Spaetzle.  But honestly, as much as I like Chicken Paprikash, I limited making it to just a few times a year.  The Paprikash is easy, and actually making the Spaetzle is easy, it's just a big mess to clean up.  Now, I am happy and my family is happy as I have found these frozen Spaetzle, just cook in boiling water for a few minutes, drain and you are done!  Ta-Da! 
PS  My spell checker is having a hard time with this post!  Heehee!
PSS  Don't tell me you've never had Chicken Paprikash?!  It's delicious, and I would be happy to share the recipe.  Spaetzle are also a delicious side dish to many other dishes, too.  Try them sometime!


Anonymous said...

Ya, and ist gud mit rote kraut und wurst!

Sandra said...

only a select few get the honors of delish Chicken Paprikash:) I am always happy when my grandma makes it. Ive never tried it on my own however. Oh and I think I might just go buy some Chicken Base. Sounds simple and probably alot cheaper than constantly buying chicken broth.