Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rosle, Rosle

If the cutting board and chef's knife is already out, it's usually just quicker and easier to mince a clove of garlic with the knife.  But other times, like tonight when the recipe called for 9 cloves of minced garlic, I turn to this gadget.  It's a Rosle Garlic Press from Williams Sonoma.  And let me tell you, this little guy can really press the garlic.  The first time I used it, after struggling with an inferior brand for several years, I applied the usual amount of pressure and Woohoo! , the garlic went flying out and splattered all across the back splash.  I soon learned that you don't need a lot of pressure to use this style.  Just aim carefully and give it a gentle squeeze.  When you're done, you can flip the screen up for easy cleaning or toss it in the dish washer.  Yes, it's a bit more expensive than some brands, but it is quite possibly the last garlic press you will ever buy!

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