Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Hunt is Over!

I've found it!  All summer long I have been looking for the perfect warm weather handbag.  Two Rules:  1)  Zipper top  and  2)  Light weight,  and preferably in a luggage tan leather.  Last week, when I breezed through Macy's on my way to the car, I found it!  The MICHAEL Michael Kors Large Tote (which really isn't that large).  The price scared me a way for a bit, but then I decided to go for it.  You see, I'm not one to switch bags every day.  I generally use the same bag all season long.  I started the spring with a white patent bag from last year, but was totally frustrated in that I kept spilling my "stuff".  I had broken Rule #1 - Zipper Top.  While the white bag did have a zipper section for my wallet, the main closure was magnetic.  Never again.  I ditched the white bag for an orange satchel from a few years ago.  While the color was fun, the straps soon began to lose their stitching and it started looking kind of ratty.  Added to the fact that all my "stuff" ended up in a clump in the middle.  The hunt continued.  Taking a quick spin through Macy's, I weight tested a few bags that caught my eye - picking each one up to check how heavy it was.  This luggage brown leather tote was the answer to my quest.  Zipper top.  Light weight.  Soft luggage brown leather.  An outer pocket on each end - one for keys, one for sunglasses.  Four open pockets in the inside, for pens & gloss, phone, a pack of gum & my clip of cards.  One inside zipper pocket.  It holds its shape and keeps everything from ending up in a clump in the center.  Not too big but holds the essentials.  In a pinch, can hold a bit more.  Out running errands today I added a prescription, a book, and a water bottle.  A bit heavier for sure, but still looking good.  The straps are just the right length for looping over your shoulder or carrying at your side.  I'm not big on logos, so I removed the MK hanging logo charm.  I don't need to impress anyone or advertise for free. I love, Love, LOVE it!


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous bag! I love it too! I totally agree with rule #1. I broke that rule with my last purse purchase and I regret it. I look forward to the day that I can carry cute purses/bags around again instead of lugging a diaper bag everywhere :)

Anonymous said...

Don't need a new bag just now, but this looks perfect. In fact all the selections on String of Pearls are excellent and there must be a group of real-life designers that contribute to this site. Maybe this site should get some advertiser support and go big time; there is lots of good stuff to share.