Monday, March 8, 2010

The Middle

The Middle - Laugh-out-loud funny and family friendly! Don't miss this show on Wednesday nights on ABC. The Middle stars Patrician Heaton as the mom, Frankie, of a "middle" class family living in Indiana, or "the middle" of the country. But the actor who steals the show is the youngest son, "Brick", who is a funny little kid with an even funnier habit of repeating the last word in a sentence in a quiet whisper (whisper). Other family members are a hard-working Dad who spends his days as supervisor of a gravel quarry, a teen-age son who likes to sit around in his boxers and thinks his parents are so un-cool, and a junior high age daughter "Sue" who tries out for all sorts of extracurricular activities with enthusiasm but unfortunately gets cut from every single one. Frankie is just trying to do her best, like a lot of us moms, holding it all together, fund raising for the athletic boosters, working part-time, and singing in the church choir while still trying to get the family all together around the dinner table even if it is just for fast food.

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fluffy said...

This has become one of our favorites too!!! Brick is hilarious and Sue is so funny in an annoying sort of way! Love the one about Brick's scratch! haha