Saturday, October 31, 2009

Latest, Greatest Target Finds

Can't wait to tell you about my latest, greatest Target finds. The top T is C9 by Champion. It is made of duo-dry fabric, which feels like cotton but its moisture-wicking, comes in basic black, white & gray along with a bright turquoise and pink, and sells for only $9.99. Best of all - it's a little longer than a lot of excersise t's which means my middle stays covered in tennis when I'm reaching for an overhead! (the picture doesn't do it justice)
And have you seen the cute Graphic T's at Target lately? So cute, so fun, and the price can't be beat. I picked up two this fall - a light blue with a little purple bird decorated with beads and sequins and another in a abstract soft gray with a beaded embellishment, both in a textured slub cotton. And the price....only $12.99 - maybe one-quarter of similar styles sold at J Crew! I like to wear them with jeans and a jacket or cardigan - kind of my casual, work-at-home uniform.
What is your latest, greatest find from Target? Please, share!

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