Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I bought one of these for my husband several years ago, but now it is one of my favorite things ~ an Electric Towel Warmer. We first saw these while traveling in Europe where they were fairly common. I'm not sure why they aren't used more in the states. I thought it would make a great gift for Brent as he is an earlier morning runner - how nice it would be for him to come in from a dark, cold run to shower and dry off with a warm and toasty towel. I was right - it is nice to dry off with a warm and toasty towel, even for me without the dark and cold run! As an added benefit, your towels dry out thoroughly so they never get that musty smell. There are two different types of towel warmers - hard-wired wall mount, like we have, or those that stand alone on the floor and plug into an outlet. I think we paid about $200, but there is a variety of styles and price ranges to choose from. Try one and turn your bathroom into a mini home spa!

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